Online casinos can do better for the environment!

A cleaner world

I have written a lot about gambling in this blog earlier. In one of the posts I wrote about how the Hotels & Casinos in Las Vegas works to reduce their environmental impact. Today most of the industries think about how their activity affects the environment, but yesterday it hit me that the online casinos rarely or never talk about it.

Online gambling is indeed one of the most environmentally friendly recreational activities you can participate in. But it wouldn’t hurt if the online casinos would pay attention to the climate impact anyway. There are plenty of opportunities for them to do so and show their environmental commitment. They could for example make a carbon offset for the trips they give away in their competitions and promotions.

The online casinos are often very good at paying attention to holidays and other big events. Why not also notice environmental events like earth hour? I would love to read about an environmental campaign from a big casino at

My ideas for the casinos

I have several great ideas for the casinos about how they can show their care for the environment:

* Plant a tree for each new member
* Donate a share of their profits to charity and to environmental work or climate research
* Themed campaigns in favor for endangered animals
* Complete their welcome offers with bonus and free spins with a donation to an eco project. They can donate a share of your first deposit to a water project for example.

What do you think about that? Wouldn’t it be great?! I think the casinos would benefit from it as well in terms of goodwill too.

If you can know or can remember any campaign from the online casinos in favor of the climate, please let me know! You can send me an email or post a comment at the blog. I would be really interested in learning about such initiatives.

Also think about what you don´t have to do

Playing casino online is far from the most climate unfriendly activity you can engage in. But I think it´s important that we all have the environment in mind all the time and find ways to always contribute to a better environment.

Sometimes the things we don’t do is what counts the most. For example the casinos can refrain from arranging contests where one can win trips that contributes to major emissions. Instead they can have more eco-friendly prizes in their tournaments and competitions.

Well, this was some of my thoughts about how the casino business can improve their environment engagement. As I said above, let me know if you know any casino campaign for the environment or just have great ideas about how they can contribute to a cleaner world.

Major sporting events and their environmental impact

Sport event have an impact on the environment

2018 is a big sports year with lots of great events. Some of them are already finished, like the Winter Olympics for example, while others such as the FIFA World Cup are soon to begin.

Great Sport events means festive atmosphere, parties, community and joy. It means tourism, jobs, creativity and powerful sport performance. But great sport events also means increased climate impact due to new arenas, consumption and traveling. That’s why I always feel mixed emotions before a major championship.

Yesterday, though, I read something that made me happy. I was doing a bit research about how the FIFA World Cup will affect the environment and found an environmental campaign started by FIFA in favor of low-carbon development projects. Does it sound great? At you can read more about their work for the climate and sign up to the Climate Action Campaign and contribute. FIFA offset 2,9 tonnes of carbon emissions for each person that joins the campaign.

You can do more!

This is not all you can do to reduce the impact from the Football World Cup. If you are going to Russia to watch the matches live you can choose more eco friendly transport options like train or busses. Which options that are available depends on wherefrom you travel of course. At their website Fifa stated that traveling to and from the World Cup and between the venues is what contributes to the most emissions of greenhouse gases.

Beside choosing more eco friendly transports I also recommend that you follow news about the championship via the Internet. As you probably already know, paper magazines are an environmental burden.

Personally I will follow the championship via and watch the matches on television. As you know I like to gamble and at odds expert you can find the best odds from the bookmakers online. They also present interesting offers from the betting companies as well.

Consider consumption

The World Cup in football is a huge event. The biggest in the world of sports. It´s not hard to imagine how major events like this have a huge environmental impact. Just think about how many water bottles that will be consumed, the production of advertisement gadgets and the littering.

Designers all over the world makes a great job in designen climate-smart arenas. But that’s  not enough. Traveling, consumption and littering also have a big impact which is important to consider.

More people in fewer houses?

Hi again! Earlier I wrote about the Wikkelhouse, and how it can be a smart idea to make living easier and greener. I kind of stayed in that thought for a bit and had it in my mind for a while. Now I’ve bumped in to minimalism, which rhymes well together with my philosophy of less garbage and less pollution. I came over a fun pair of guys who calls themselves The Minimalists. Very minimalistic name, indeed. They talk about living with fewer things and therefor get an easier and more simpler life.

With this thoughts, I started thinking about the Wikkelhouse again, and where I live there is currently a housing shortage. It has been like this for a few years now, and there seems to be hard to solve it. I mean, you want the people to live somewhere but it’s really expensive to build more houses and flats. However, I came up with this idea to build a minimalistic flat/apartment house. In here, there can be a lot of smaller apartments and more of them, instead of building this huge flats with five large rooms. Smaller apartments gives more apartments in the same space.

So, my thought is basically that if more people could live more minimalistic and be happy with less things, there would be a lot of possibilities to build smaller apartments. If you only have a few things, like only the things you actually need and use then there would be easier to live small. It would be much easier to live in a smaller place, and you would not have to build a lot of apartments with three or more rooms.

A lot of the people that lives alone could benefit from a small but cheap apartment where they can live more minimalistic. You might be able to fit a lot more people people in to one equal sized building if the residents have less things, are more open to live smaller, and agree to have smaller apartments. I really think the world would benefit from having a more minimalistic way of living. It contributes to a more relaxed life and it decreases the world’s consumption of unnecessary things – decreasing pollution. As The Minimalists says: use things and love humans – not the other way around.

My new idea

Do you remember the wikkelhouse that i told you guys about a few weeks ago?
Well i have come up with the best idea ever. How about having a wikkelhouse that is a complete gaming house, where you could have different games in each room?? Sort of like a casino but that you have the different games in the different rooms. I think it sounds like a lot of fun! And at the same times work for the sustainable environment that i have been talking about before. Like have that kin of technology where the lights go out when your not in the room and so on. I also would like the bathrooms to have an environmental policy so that we save water and all that. I really believe in this idea and it would have been so much fun to make this happen.

You know by now that i have a huge interest in the casino world and i was searching around online and found this new great casino with free spins and no deposit website that reviews all the best sites for players within the UK. And it was when i was looking at this site that i came up with this great idea. Now i only have to make it happen also! Since i myself don’t travel so much to real casino due to the pollution i thought this would be a traveling casino! You know like a real casino but on wheels. The wrikkelhouse you could move and put wherever you wanted so i thought that it would be perfect on wheels. In that way you don’t cause so much pollution to the environment like when people travel so instead of going to a casino, the casino comes to you, smart?!

Maybe it’s only going to be a dream but i do like the idea of sometime in the future make this happen. I will of course have to think about how i am going to do the tour in case it happens. Because i don’t want to drive for a very long time to have a casino night and then having to drive all the way back. That doesn’t sound so environmental.

But this is my plan on the rooms! I mentioned the idea with having each type of game in new rooms and with some thinking i will have to have at least ten rooms in this house then. The games are: roulette, poker, black jack, baccarat and craps. Then of course i need a room with a few slot machine so that you can play if you are waiting for your turn in one of the rooms, you can learn more about my favorite slot machine, Guns N’ Roses from Net Entertainment, at the site that i mentioned above. I also need at least two bathrooms i think, in there you could have several toilets but i think two rooms will be fine. And a bar so you can consume and buy some beverages of your choice. What i am going to do with the last room i am not sure yet, do you have any ideas? Please write a comment then!

the vi is one of the latest rocking videoslots from Net Entertainment

Greener transports


It has happened a lot in the transport sector in the last decades. We have got greener cars that consume less fuel, hybrid cars driven by petrol, electricity or ethanol and we have got well- functioning electric cars. This is a big step to a greener world, but it´s not enough, things need to be done in other areas of the transport sector as well.

The flight industry and boat industry need to take further steps to minimize their impact on the environment. I know that the flight industry works hard to lower the fuel consumption since it would be economically viable to use less fuel. To reduce the fuel consumption the engineers and the designers have to review the entire aircraft design to see what they can do to make the airplane less fuel-consuming. Weight, engines and aerodynamic is some of the parameters the designers and engineers work with in their effort to make greener airplanes.

Carbon fibres is used to make the airplanes lighter and bio-fuel is used by some airlines to reduce their impact on the environment, and in the future ecodriving might be something that is used in air traffic as well. It is hard to say how you can improve the flying industry since you don’t want to increase the chances of accidents with the planes. We can only hope that they will be able to make an inventions that makes the pollution connected to the flight industry decrease.

I am really looking forward to see how the flight industry will solve the pollution problems. It will also be interesting to see how the car industry will develop. Right now Tesla is the big name when it comes to electric cars, will they continue to develop or will the big brand names take over?

If you want to think about the environment while traveling around the world or only to your job, here are a few tips on what you can think about:
1. Take the bus or ride on your bike to work instead of taking the car. If you live so far away that car is the only option, at least try to go to work with your colleagues. Perhaps you are a few people that can go in the same car and only take one instead of five different.
2. Try to book trips without having to fly. The flight industry is one of the worst for the environment, so if flying is the first options, then both train and car is accepted as traveling options!
3. And of course while you are at your destination, rent some bikes or walk a lot in the city. It is a great way to find places you probably wouldn’t visit otherwise. Depending on what you like you should choose a hotel that i located so that you don’t have to make a lot of traveling. If you prefer the city, maybe it is better if you are staying there and then travel to the beach once, instead of living near the beach and traveling to the city every day!

Climate-smart packing

climate-smart packing

A designer creates useful, attractive and inovative products, often with an environmental perspective in mind. In the future the environmental aspects will have a much greater role in the design industry. Something that i cherish and are looking forward to really much.

I think one challenge ahead is to design climate-smart packaging. Today we use a lot of package materials unnecessarily and some packages is bulky. We need to minimize our use of package materials and to construct practical packages that doesn’t take up more space than needed during transports.

The food industry is one example of one industry that need to change their way to package their products. When you buy a frozen meal you first open up a carton, and inside you will find the meal packaged in some sort of plate or bowl covered in plastic. The first carton is actually superfluous and instead the designers could come up with a smarter solution. It has also become more and more common to be healthy and eat a lot of fruit. For people on the run there often is some sort of pre packaged fruit that is already peeled. That is on great way to buy a lot of unnecessary plastics instead of buying a fruit that you will have to peel yourself! I mean come on, how much time do you even save on buying an apple that has been sliced instead of eating as you should?

In the cosmetics industry you will also find a lot of examples of superfluous packages. Sometimes mascara, lipstick and other make up is packaged in cartons, which is completely unnecessarily.

New materials, slim packaging, reduced package materials is things I think we will see in the future when companies realize that the customers want more eco-friendly products.

I have read about innovative companies that are experimenting with packaging out of seaweed and algae. Really interesting I think and probably things like this will be seen a lot in the stores in the future.

As a consumer you can choose to not purchase products with unnecessarily packages if you want to send a signal to the manufacturer and to the stores. Another thing you can do is to choose products packaged in carton instead of plastic.

Earlier I told you about that i play bingo online to reduce my emissions. Another thing I do is playing poker online at PokerStars.  A real casino consume a lot of card decks each day which is really bad for our environment. The casino decks aren´t worn out, they are changed so no player can cheat and take advantage from some microscopic mark at one of the cards. This is of course necessary if the casino want to protect the gamblers from cheaters, but I think it´s  a waste and now I only play poker online.

It was actually online that I learned to play poker! This site helped me when I was a beginner.

In sweden we have something called waste separation which means we throw our waste in separate trash cans depending on what material they are made of. For example we throw metal in one trash can and paper in another can so the materials can be recycled. This is also something we consumers can contribute to in order to improve the environment. To separate products like metalls, plastic and cardboard is only a small thing, but it is something that is easy, that everyone can participate in without saying no to anything. That is one very common reason that a lot of people doesn’t think about the environment, because they have to let things go in their life, that they really would like to have.

Bottled water

bottled water

Some inventions is both great and bad at the same time. Take bottled water for example. In some countries they are essential since you can’t drink the water from the taps and definitely should not do it, but in other countries they are polluters which contributes to littering nature, unnecessary power consumption and emissions from transports.

In Sweden the tap water is of good quality and drinkable. Still, many people buy bottled water instead of drinking tap water. That’s because some people want sparkling water or flavored water. Another reason to why we consume a lot of bottled water is that we buy water when we are out in the cities instead of filling our own water bottle at home and bring it with us.

The high prices at bottled water doesn’t seem to discourage people from buying it. But it has come an invention that reduce peoples need of buying bottled water: carbonating machines! By purchasing a carbonating machine you can produce sparkling water at home out of your tap water. You can also purchase flavor essences if you want to flavor the water.

Today carbonating machines can be found in many swedish homes thanks to smart functions and great design. Earlier I think the carbonating machines was kind of ugly and big, now you can buy slim machines in great design that you aren’t ashamed of to place on the sink. Look at the brand Sodastreamer for instance, they sell really good looking carbonating machines. By using such a machine you can get the sparkling water, even make your own soda with it, without having to bring home a lot of plastic bottles.

There are a lot of reasons to avoid buying bottled water, that they are bad for the environment is just one of these reasons. Another is that they aren’t that healthy as you think they are. Bottled water often contain much more bacterias than the swedish tap water. Sometimes they also contain to high levels of substances like flour and sodium. So if you have the possibility to drink tap water of high quality, that’s the best alternative both for you and for the environment.

Soda machines is just one thing that can make people drinking tap water. Great water bottles that you can bring with you and use over and over again is another thing that can make people buy less bottled water. Also there has been more and more commercial on the television that are trying to make people think about bottles and the environment. Really great i think!

Recently I saw a smart design of a water bottle. It was flat like an envelope and you could buy it in different sizes. I think this was a really smart idea because it’s not always you have space for these traditional round water bottles in your bag. I like smart design that solve peoples needs, and I think more smart products will lead people into buying less bottled water and other environmentally harmful products.

Ecological lifestyle

live ecological

When we speak about being environmentally friendly individuals we often talk about shopping less clothes, buying ecological food products, save energy in our homes or choose more climate-friendly alternatives to cars and buses. Next step is to think about our whole lifestyle and apply an environmental perspective in all our activities, from our hobbies to our vacations or restaurant dinners.

We need to encourage more companies to think about the environment. Take restaurants for example, start to favour the ones that works hard to reduce their environmental impact. This can be done by serving locally produced food and organic products for example. In the future I also want to see more restaurants using eco-labeled furnitures, foam soap and water-saving taps in the toilets.

With foam soap you use about 50% less soap than if you use traditional pump soaps, which is great.

Water-saving taps, toilets, shower mixes and foam soaps is also something hotels need to think about. So next time you shall stay at a hotel, choose a hotel that cares about the environment and have a environmental policy.

In Las Vegas you can find very advanced luxury hotels with great environmental commitment. I think one reason to this is that they are located in the dessert and need to be restrained with water. In Vegas you can find hotels with both water-saving taps, but you can alos find hotels that cleans the greywater from the hotel and uses it in fountains or for watering.

There´s also examples of hotels in Vegas that saves energy with the help of technology that switches off lights and other energy consuming devices when a guest leaves the hotel room, The casino & hotel Aria is one of the hotels in Vegas that uses this technique and they have been awarded with the LEED certificate, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and other awards during the years since they opened in 2009. You can read more about their work for the environment at their web page.

Casino and poker is two of my interests and I always tries to choose hotels and casinos that are highly engaged in sustainability issues and that implement energy and water-saving technique when I am away from the hotel room. But traveling often causes emissions and instead of traveling to much I play a lot over the Internet at casino sites nowadays. In this way I reduce my impact on the environment. You can read more about online gambling here.

By travel less or use more environmentally friendly transport alternatives you can do great for the environment. Choose environmentally friendly hotels ant other facilities you use to visit and you are contributing even more to a green planet.

Golfers for example can do a lot to make the world a greener place. Use biodegradeble pegs and buy golf balls at second hand shops. Another thing you should be aware of is how environmentally conscious your golf club is when it comes to watering and lawn care. Look for golf clubs that takes action to reduce their environmental impact.

This is just a few tips about how you can live a more eco friendly lifestyle and also how you can affect companies to think more ecological. If you want more information about online gambling, look here at

Save water and energy and save the planet!

Eco friendly energy from solar panels
Solar panels on rooftop generates electricity

It´s not only countries with shortness of freshwater that needs to conserve water, that´s something everyone have to think about since the water-system consume a lot of energy. You can also indirectly save water by consume less products that require much water to produce, for example coffe and clothes made of cotton.

Saving energy is very important if we shall create organic sustainable communities. This can be done by using less electricity. In a household this means you use low-energy lamps and use energy-efficient white goods. In Sweden all white goods you purchase in shops are marked with the energy class which makes it easy to choose the most energy-efficient product. Nowadays it is more easy to find low-energy lamps than to find the ones who aren’t. At least in Sweden it has become the norm to use low-eneryg lamps because it is such an easy way to make a difference. It isn’t more expensive either, so everyone can afford to by low-energy lamps as a start if you want to make a change in the world.

Another thing we can do is to save water by installing water-saving taps and shower heads, which is great example of environmentally friendly inventions. By using less water in our households we consume less energy. A water-saving tap use between 40%-50% less water than traditional taps. Today you can buy water-saving products in great designs. So you don´t have to choose between eco-friendly taps or beautiful taps, you can have it both. To not take long showers is also a tip on where you can consume less water, it is easy to find yourself just standing with the hot water running down your body without even thinking about how much time you spend in there. So next time, set an alarm for five minutes so you will have to speed up your shower!

If you want to buy a water-saving tap or shower mixer you can shop it at the furniture store IKEA that have department stores in many countries. They also sell white goods that are energy-efficient and various sorts of bulbs that use less electricity than conventional bulbs, like led-lamps and CFLs for example.

At IKEA you can also buy solar lamps for your garden or patio. By using solar lamps instead of lamps powered by electricity you save energy. I like how the designers at IKEA and many other companies develop environmentally friendly products in great designs. This makes it easier and more fun for the consumers to choose environmental friendly products.

Another way to save energy and water is to buy second-hand or products that have been made out of recycled raw-materials. It´s also good to buy products that can be recycled when they are outworn or broken. For example you can buy office furniture and furniture for your home that are 100% recyclable. Look for eco-labels when you purchase furnitures if you want to be environmentally friendly.

If you really want to live eco-friendly, you should also think about how your hobbies impact the environment. Car racing and golf are examples of things that aren´t optimal for our planet. I have found a way to reduce my environmental impact. Instead of taking the car to the bingo hall several miles away every week I play bingo online at tuesdays. In the bingo room online you can chat with the other players so you don´t have to feel alone. If you think it sounds strange you can learn more about it here.

This is just an example on how I have changed my hobby to a more eco-friendly variant. Maybe you can do the same?  I don´t mean that you should play bingo at home, but perhaps there´s a way you can make your hobbies greener. But if you do like bingo online I  recommend this site bingoomega for more information about the game.

In my next blog post I will write about how you can encourage companies to be more eco friendly!

Cultivation projects

Freshwater are needed for cultivationShortage of freshwater is a real problem for millions of people in the world. Only a small percent of all our water is drinkable freshwater, the rest is seawater. This leads to terrible problems and it´s a challenge for the worlds designers and inventors to solve.

It´s not only humans and animals that is dependent on freshwater, we also need freshwater for the agricultaral crops. Without freshwater we wouldn´t be able to grow and harvest grains and vegetables. Imagine a world without the ability to grow your own food, some parts of the world would not survive.

The agricultural is a large water guzzlers and we need to be better at using the water effectivily when we grow food products. This is especially important in countries where water is a scarce and where the climat isn´t suitable for cultivation.

There are already some ideas and products on the market that can help farmers cultivate in difficult environments. One example of such a product is the Seawater Greenhouse that I´ve heard about. I am not an expert in the technology, but simplified you can describe it like this: The greenhouses are constructed to take advantage of the water that´s in the air by creating condence inside the greenhouses. The condence are created when the hot air flows in to the greenhouse and are cooled down when it passes pipes that contains cold seawater.

By using this method you will not only get freshwater out of the air in the greenhouse, but you will also create an environment where the cultivation loose less moisture since the greenhouse have a lower temperature than the outside environment.

The electricity that are needed for the Seawater Greenhouses are provided by solar panels.

There are several projects with these Seawater Greenhouses in different countries, for example in Somaliland, Gran Canaria, Abu Dhabi and Oman.

I think this is a great example of how you not just can cultivate with less water, it´s also a great invention that makes cultivation possible at places where it otherwise would be difficult or impossible.

Another invention that I think we will see in the future is vertical greenhoues in our big cities. Instead of traditional agrucultural I think we will begin to farm in high greenhouse buildings that takes up less space than the fields. The benefit would not only be space saving, it´s also great because the food transports will be shorter and that you can prevent environmentally harmful substances from the agricultural to leak out into the nature.

The concept with vertical greenhouses feels a little odd, it feels unnatural. But if they start building these greenhouses I hope they will study the grains and vegetables to see if they are as healthy as the crops that comes from traditional agricultural. I think it´s important that the vegetables contains more nutrients, not less, otherwise there´s no idea to produce them at all. We need the nutrients for in the vegetables for the sake of our health.