A blog about industrial design


This is my blog about industrial design, one of many interests of mine 🙂 It all started when I as a child discovered how IKEA had good design solutions for small homes, and my interest for great design grew bigger over the years. Today IKEA is still one of my favourite places and I can spend hours and hours looking through their catalogue. It sure is something special to flip through the pages, it really calms me, and with a cup of tea who wouldn’t love it?

I am born and raised in Sweden (not a big surprise perhaps since i love IKEA) and have seen a lot of great examples of nordic design. The PH-lamp made by danish Poul Henningsen is for example one of my favourite design objects. Maybe I should say that Sweden and Denmark are two countries in the northern Europe for those of you who don´t know.

As an adult I have been travelling and I have worked at different locations all over the world and have seen lots of fantastic design objects. In Japan for example they have a lot of smart industrial design that makes life easier. A lot of things i wish would become more common in Sweden as well. It is important t adapt things that we see work in other countries so that we trie to make the best solutions for everything, even if it is only a towel.

Nowadays I am very interested in sustainable design and I am curious about what the designers will come up with next in a world that require more and more eco-friendly solutions. I think we will see a lot of products made of recycled material and more products made of natural materials in the future. At least i hope so, i think it is very important for everyone to take responsibility for the earth and to produce products that doesn’t effect the environment to much.

The process has already started. The architects draws energy-efficient houses in carefully selected materials that´s not dangerous for the nature and many designers makes their products in biodegradable materials which is positive for our planet. Two thumbs up for that!

I think it´s necessary that we adapt to a more ecological sustainable lifestyle, and the designers plays a major role in that process because they have the creativity and the skills to make us want to choose the eco-products instead of the conventional products we´re used to. If more designers make greats choices we in the end doesn’t really have a choice either then to buy products that are eco-friendly. And that is of course a main goal for me!

My intention with this blog is to tell you more about eco-friendly industrial design and to spread information about good design that has been loved by generations. I mentioned the PH-lamp earlier, and that´s a great example of a product that has been popular during decades and which has been handed down in generations.

This is a little video clip about industrial design projects by students at the school California College of the Arts: