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More people in fewer houses?

Hi again! Earlier I wrote about the Wikkelhouse, and how it can be a smart idea to make living easier and greener. I kind of stayed in that thought for a bit and had it in my mind for a while. Now I’ve bumped in to minimalism, which rhymes well together with my philosophy of less garbage and less pollution. I came over a fun pair of guys who calls themselves The Minimalists. Very minimalistic name, indeed. They talk about living with fewer things and therefor get an easier and more simpler life.

With this thoughts, I started thinking about the Wikkelhouse again, and where I live there is currently a housing shortage. It has been like this for a few years now, and there seems to be hard to solve it. I mean, you want the people to live somewhere but it’s really expensive to build more houses and flats. However, I came up with this idea to build a minimalistic flat/apartment house. In here, there can be a lot of smaller apartments and more of them, instead of building this huge flats with five large rooms. Smaller apartments gives more apartments in the same space.

So, my thought is basically that if more people could live more minimalistic and be happy with less things, there would be a lot of possibilities to build smaller apartments. If you only have a few things, like only the things you actually need and use then there would be easier to live small. It would be much easier to live in a smaller place, and you would not have to build a lot of apartments with three or more rooms.

A lot of the people that lives alone could benefit from a small but cheap apartment where they can live more minimalistic. You might be able to fit a lot more people people in to one equal sized building if the residents have less things, are more open to live smaller, and agree to have smaller apartments. I really think the world would benefit from having a more minimalistic way of living. It contributes to a more relaxed life and it decreases the world’s consumption of unnecessary things – decreasing pollution. As The Minimalists says: use things and love humans – not the other way around.

Wikkelhouse – a greener house!

I recently saw a fantastic product that I want to tell you about. The name of the product is ”Wikkelhouse” and is a dutch invention of more eco-friendly houses. If you haven’t heard of it you will definitely be surprised on how it is made. I myself did not really believe it at first, but now i am completely sold.

The Wikkelhouse concept is brilliant. The house structure is made of multiple layers of recycled cardboard and the house front is covered with wood panels and according to the manufacturer the house should last for about 100 years, which is much longer than the life span of many other houses.

Since the Wikkelhouses are pre-made in modules in a fabric and it only takes a day to build the house. You decide for yourself how many modules your house should contain and each module is 5m2.

It might sound a bit weird, i know. But take a look at the commercial and get your own opinion, but i am quite sure that you as well as me will fall in love with this concept. In this commercial below you can see for yourself how the Wikkelhouse-concept works:

Isn´t this commercial one of the best you´ve ever seen? I really love it! Especially the part when they talks about what you can do with the house, like having it as a ukulele house. The slogan ”A house for you” is also great! I mean, how easy doesn’t it sound to have a summer house now? Think to have a little Wikkelhouse somewhere near the water and next year if you are not happy, move it to the forest instead. The possibilities are never ending with this one!

But now back to this inovative house concept. I think it´s a really smart way to go. The materials are according to the company 100% recycable, which is great for our environment. Another thing that is good for the environment, that´s that the houses have a long life cycle.

I would really like to buy a Wikkelhouse myself, unfortunately the company dosen´t deliver their houses to Sweden where I live. There is also a waiting list for the houses since the interest for these inovative houses is bigger than their manufacturing capacity at the moment.

The Wikkelhouses have a very discreet design that makes them fit in almost everywhere and in scenic environments. I think they will do great as holiday cottages, guest houses and homes to small families that wants to build a new house in an un-exploited environment. I also think this invention will lead way and inspire other creative people to find new ways to build houses.

This is a fantastic example of innovation when it´s at it´s best. It shows us that you don´t have to walk in old footsteps and that thinking new can lead to exciting and beautiful products that we desire. It also shows that eco-friendly doesn´t have to be boring or difficult, but exact the oppsite, which in this case.