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No more plastic bags!

A fabric bag

One of the best things designers have made for the environment is making fabric bags fashionably. By doing beautiful, fun and practical fabric bags that people want to carry with them we consume less plastic bags which is a benefit for the environment. One of the most popular uses are actually by musicians and artists. It is very common now that they produce fabric bags with some sort of picture of them or the name of the artist. In that way you can let people now who your favourite artists are and be kind to environment!

Did you know that the plastic bags is a swedish invention? A man named Sten Gustaf Thulin at the company Celloplast invented the plastic bags that Celloplast started to sell in the 60s.

But there is a problem with plastic bags, they are dangerous for our environment since most of them aren´t organic biodegradable, which means that when people drops or throw a plastic bag in the nature it takes very long time for the bag to brake down. In addition to that it also takes a lot of energy to produce these bags.

Eco bag made of recycled materialsBy using fabric bags over and over again less plastic bags will end up in our nature and the factories will use less energy to produce plastic bags.

The world is right now facing a huge problem with plastic residues in our oceans. These plastic residues comes from plastic bags for example and end up in sealiving animals like birds and fishes. Environment expert says we have to act now and stop the contamination by drastically raise the prices at plastic bags or forbid them.

I am well aware of that fabric bags isn´t a completely eco-friendly product because of the huge amount of water that cotton production requires, but I think we can make fabric bags out of ecological cotton or other fabric materials that are better for the nature.

Bags made of juteThe best fabric bags I know are the ones that are easy foldable and becomes so small that you can wear it in your pocket. Then you´re always prepared with a bag if you´re out and shopping and you don´t have to buy a plastic bag to carry your goods.

Do you have any idea about how to solve the problem with our huge consumtion of plastic bags? Do you know any new materials that could be interesting to use for example? Please then tell me about it! I really hope for a future without plastic bags!


If you want to reduce your consumption of plastic bags, follow these simple steps!

  1. Always carry a fabric bag with you. There are small ones that fits in your pocket!
  2. If you are out shopping, don´t take a new plastic bag in every boutique. Try to put your stuff in the bag/bags you already have.
  3. Recycle your plastic bags at the recycling centre. This doesn´t reduce your consumption of bags, but it reduces the energy that are needed to produce new plastic bags and it reduces the need of oil and other raw material.