Climate-smart packing

climate-smart packing

A designer creates useful, attractive and inovative products, often with an environmental perspective in mind. In the future the environmental aspects will have a much greater role in the design industry. Something that i cherish and are looking forward to really much.

I think one challenge ahead is to design climate-smart packaging. Today we use a lot of package materials unnecessarily and some packages is bulky. We need to minimize our use of package materials and to construct practical packages that doesn’t take up more space than needed during transports.

The food industry is one example of one industry that need to change their way to package their products. When you buy a frozen meal you first open up a carton, and inside you will find the meal packaged in some sort of plate or bowl covered in plastic. The first carton is actually superfluous and instead the designers could come up with a smarter solution. It has also become more and more common to be healthy and eat a lot of fruit. For people on the run there often is some sort of pre packaged fruit that is already peeled. That is on great way to buy a lot of unnecessary plastics instead of buying a fruit that you will have to peel yourself! I mean come on, how much time do you even save on buying an apple that has been sliced instead of eating as you should?

In the cosmetics industry you will also find a lot of examples of superfluous packages. Sometimes mascara, lipstick and other make up is packaged in cartons, which is completely unnecessarily.

New materials, slim packaging, reduced package materials is things I think we will see in the future when companies realize that the customers want more eco-friendly products.

I have read about innovative companies that are experimenting with packaging out of seaweed and algae. Really interesting I think and probably things like this will be seen a lot in the stores in the future.

As a consumer you can choose to not purchase products with unnecessarily packages if you want to send a signal to the manufacturer and to the stores. Another thing you can do is to choose products packaged in carton instead of plastic.

Earlier I told you about that i play bingo online to reduce my emissions. Another thing I do is playing poker online at PokerStars.  A real casino consume a lot of card decks each day which is really bad for our environment. The casino decks aren´t worn out, they are changed so no player can cheat and take advantage from some microscopic mark at one of the cards. This is of course necessary if the casino want to protect the gamblers from cheaters, but I think it´s  a waste and now I only play poker online.

It was actually online that I learned to play poker! This site helped me when I was a beginner.

In sweden we have something called waste separation which means we throw our waste in separate trash cans depending on what material they are made of. For example we throw metal in one trash can and paper in another can so the materials can be recycled. This is also something we consumers can contribute to in order to improve the environment. To separate products like metalls, plastic and cardboard is only a small thing, but it is something that is easy, that everyone can participate in without saying no to anything. That is one very common reason that a lot of people doesn’t think about the environment, because they have to let things go in their life, that they really would like to have.