Cultivation projects

Freshwater are needed for cultivationShortage of freshwater is a real problem for millions of people in the world. Only a small percent of all our water is drinkable freshwater, the rest is seawater. This leads to terrible problems and it´s a challenge for the worlds designers and inventors to solve.

It´s not only humans and animals that is dependent on freshwater, we also need freshwater for the agricultaral crops. Without freshwater we wouldn´t be able to grow and harvest grains and vegetables. Imagine a world without the ability to grow your own food, some parts of the world would not survive.

The agricultural is a large water guzzlers and we need to be better at using the water effectivily when we grow food products. This is especially important in countries where water is a scarce and where the climat isn´t suitable for cultivation.

There are already some ideas and products on the market that can help farmers cultivate in difficult environments. One example of such a product is the Seawater Greenhouse that I´ve heard about. I am not an expert in the technology, but simplified you can describe it like this: The greenhouses are constructed to take advantage of the water that´s in the air by creating condence inside the greenhouses. The condence are created when the hot air flows in to the greenhouse and are cooled down when it passes pipes that contains cold seawater.

By using this method you will not only get freshwater out of the air in the greenhouse, but you will also create an environment where the cultivation loose less moisture since the greenhouse have a lower temperature than the outside environment.

The electricity that are needed for the Seawater Greenhouses are provided by solar panels.

There are several projects with these Seawater Greenhouses in different countries, for example in Somaliland, Gran Canaria, Abu Dhabi and Oman.

I think this is a great example of how you not just can cultivate with less water, it´s also a great invention that makes cultivation possible at places where it otherwise would be difficult or impossible.

Another invention that I think we will see in the future is vertical greenhoues in our big cities. Instead of traditional agrucultural I think we will begin to farm in high greenhouse buildings that takes up less space than the fields. The benefit would not only be space saving, it´s also great because the food transports will be shorter and that you can prevent environmentally harmful substances from the agricultural to leak out into the nature.

The concept with vertical greenhouses feels a little odd, it feels unnatural. But if they start building these greenhouses I hope they will study the grains and vegetables to see if they are as healthy as the crops that comes from traditional agricultural. I think it´s important that the vegetables contains more nutrients, not less, otherwise there´s no idea to produce them at all. We need the nutrients for in the vegetables for the sake of our health.