Ecological lifestyle

live ecological

When we speak about being environmentally friendly individuals we often talk about shopping less clothes, buying ecological food products, save energy in our homes or choose more climate-friendly alternatives to cars and buses. Next step is to think about our whole lifestyle and apply an environmental perspective in all our activities, from our hobbies to our vacations or restaurant dinners.

We need to encourage more companies to think about the environment. Take restaurants for example, start to favour the ones that works hard to reduce their environmental impact. This can be done by serving locally produced food and organic products for example. In the future I also want to see more restaurants using eco-labeled furnitures, foam soap and water-saving taps in the toilets.

With foam soap you use about 50% less soap than if you use traditional pump soaps, which is great.

Water-saving taps, toilets, shower mixes and foam soaps is also something hotels need to think about. So next time you shall stay at a hotel, choose a hotel that cares about the environment and have a environmental policy.

In Las Vegas you can find very advanced luxury hotels with great environmental commitment. I think one reason to this is that they are located in the dessert and need to be restrained with water. In Vegas you can find hotels with both water-saving taps, but you can alos find hotels that cleans the greywater from the hotel and uses it in fountains or for watering.

There´s also examples of hotels in Vegas that saves energy with the help of technology that switches off lights and other energy consuming devices when a guest leaves the hotel room, The casino & hotel Aria is one of the hotels in Vegas that uses this technique and they have been awarded with the LEED certificate, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and other awards during the years since they opened in 2009. You can read more about their work for the environment at their web page.

Casino and poker is two of my interests and I always tries to choose hotels and casinos that are highly engaged in sustainability issues and that implement energy and water-saving technique when I am away from the hotel room. But traveling often causes emissions and instead of traveling to much I play a lot over the Internet at casino sites nowadays. In this way I reduce my impact on the environment. You can read more about online gambling here.

By travel less or use more environmentally friendly transport alternatives you can do great for the environment. Choose environmentally friendly hotels ant other facilities you use to visit and you are contributing even more to a green planet.

Golfers for example can do a lot to make the world a greener place. Use biodegradeble pegs and buy golf balls at second hand shops. Another thing you should be aware of is how environmentally conscious your golf club is when it comes to watering and lawn care. Look for golf clubs that takes action to reduce their environmental impact.

This is just a few tips about how you can live a more eco friendly lifestyle and also how you can affect companies to think more ecological. If you want more information about online gambling, look here at