Major sporting events and their environmental impact

Sport event have an impact on the environment

2018 is a big sports year with lots of great events. Some of them are already finished, like the Winter Olympics for example, while others such as the FIFA World Cup are soon to begin.

Great Sport events means festive atmosphere, parties, community and joy. It means tourism, jobs, creativity and powerful sport performance. But great sport events also means increased climate impact due to new arenas, consumption and traveling. That’s why I always feel mixed emotions before a major championship.

Yesterday, though, I read something that made me happy. I was doing a bit research about how the FIFA World Cup will affect the environment and found an environmental campaign started by FIFA in favor of low-carbon development projects. Does it sound great? At you can read more about their work for the climate and sign up to the Climate Action Campaign and contribute. FIFA offset 2,9 tonnes of carbon emissions for each person that joins the campaign.

You can do more!

This is not all you can do to reduce the impact from the Football World Cup. If you are going to Russia to watch the matches live you can choose more eco friendly transport options like train or busses. Which options that are available depends on wherefrom you travel of course. At their website Fifa stated that traveling to and from the World Cup and between the venues is what contributes to the most emissions of greenhouse gases.

Beside choosing more eco friendly transports I also recommend that you follow news about the championship via the Internet. As you probably already know, paper magazines are an environmental burden.

Personally I will follow the championship via and watch the matches on television. As you know I like to gamble and at odds expert you can find the best odds from the bookmakers online. They also present interesting offers from the betting companies as well.

Consider consumption

The World Cup in football is a huge event. The biggest in the world of sports. It´s not hard to imagine how major events like this have a huge environmental impact. Just think about how many water bottles that will be consumed, the production of advertisement gadgets and the littering.

Designers all over the world makes a great job in designen climate-smart arenas. But that’s  not enough. Traveling, consumption and littering also have a big impact which is important to consider.